Valentine G. Barney to Maria Barney

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On road from Pittsburgh to ChicagoSept 27th 1862Dear Wife

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You probably know before this where the destination of us prisoners is so will not be surprised to learn of our departure from Annapolis We left there day before yesterday morning and are on our way to Chicago We left Pittsburgh about 2 hours ago, after having a good warm breakfast composed of Bread & Butter, Coffee &c &c the Butter relished nicely as it was the first we had seen for a long time.

What they intend to do with us I dont know some say we are going to Minesota to fight the Indians but probability is we are sent west for the reason that we can be kept so much cheaper there than East. I really wish we could be exchanged soon and be doing something for the Countrys benefit but I am afraid we will not be for some time to come. I tell you it is humilliating to be thus sold into imprisonment but I feel that I have done my duty and that is consoling to me I got your letters 4 in number that day we left and it done my heart good to once more see the familliar hand writing the last one was dated 16th Sept. I cant write much as the cars bother me while moving I will write again soon and you must keep on writing if you dont hear from me regularly and direct to Chicago. I am well and stand strong evry thing well

This from your own affectionate HusbandV.G. Barney

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PS Col Stannard is in command of the Brigade as the other Officers are all under arrest. I enclose you a Richmond Shin Plaster and Commissary Sgt Pettys Photograph. he was a Corporal in my Company and a good friend of mine It will add one to your collection

Yours Val