Valentine G. Barney to Maria Barney

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Camp DouglasChicagoDec 2d 1862Dear Maria

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I arrived here all right this after noon and was about seven hours behind time on account of the train being delayed but the Col. said that all was right. I found the Company with Lieut. Jewett in the Camp and in very good health and Spirits and in much better quarters than when I left them and now while I am writing the men are singing and to all appearance are enjoying themselves tip top. our Reg, and the 65 Ill are the only ones here now the rest all having been exchanged and gone on

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to Washington. The Ohio 32nd went yesterday and numbered only 130 men the rest having left. Our Reg. is not yet exc- and no signs of it yet. Jewett says we are to be paid off this week and I see it is the general impression amongst the officers if we are I will send all I can spare by Exp. to you immediately I had a fine visit at Syracuse and am glad I stoped there. It is now 9 oc and as I am somewhat sleepy I will close and write you more at length in a day or two

Yours AfflyVal G B-