Valentine G. Barney to Maria Barney

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Camp Douglas Chicago Ill March 16th 1863My Dear Wife

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I was on duty yesterday (Sunday) as officer of the day therefore I did not get time to write you but as I am now relieved I will commence the first thing since I last write I have received two letters from you, one yesterday morning I was glad to hear you are getting along well and I hope you may continue to at any rate although you sometimes think yourself incompetent to take the charge of the Children entirely I am perfectly at ease as far as that is concerned for I know you will teach them nothing wrong and I think your government is better than that of women in general and I hope you will not get discouraged nor let things trouble your mind in that respect and I believe that I will be permitted to be with you yet and aid you in rearing up our little ones and spend many a happy day with each other in our quiet little home and may God grant that the time may not be far distant. It appears that Carrie was quite elated on receiving her picture and I presume Fred was vexed on receiving his I am going down to the City to night and will buy one of Tom Thumb for Mother and send it my next letter. I will order a few more of mine and send you some If you conclude to go to D- you can get $25- at the bank in case we are not paid off soon I think you had better make them a visit if you feel able to stand the fatigue

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You have heard before this of Col Stannards promotion no doubt. We are all very sorry to loose him from our regiment but at the same time we are glad to see him get what he is worthy of and deserves he is still with us but may be ordered away soon but he has promised us that if it is a possible thing he will get our regiment in to his brigade which will most likely be the 1st or 2nd Vermont Brigade and I hope it may be the 1st for I want to get near Elisha and other acquaintances and friends. The officers have voted to make him a present of a horse worth $300. and the non com. officers are going to make him a present of a saddle and horse equipment throughout. Every man in the regiment are anxious to make him a present of something to show their respect and love for him. Orderly Whitmore has got his discharge and is no more a soldier and I have made Sgt Halbert my orderly Corpl Cleveland will get the Sgt Majors place I think in a day or two as Gorham is to be 1st Lieut of Co. H. and C- is thought much of by the field officers. I will not write a long letter as I want to send you two photographs to add to your collection. You may let Mother have the one I sent Carrie if she wants it and I will send her Carrie one in their wedding attire as they now have them at the City. These I now send you can give to Carrie & Fred as presents from me I will try and write more next time believe me your We are having the finest kind of weather and it seems almost like summer and now many of the boys are playing ball and enjoying themselves finely

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