Valentine G. Barney to Maria Barney

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April 2d 1863Dear Maria

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We have just arrived at Baltimore after a ride of 3 days & 3 nights which has been very fatiguing for in addition to riding & being broken of our rest we have had 451 prisoners to guard and see to we have however got along nicely and have not lost a man I have just been through the cars and counted them and find the number all right Col Stowell has gone to find what is to be done with them I presume we will have to go with them to City point but may be not I shall ship my trunk to you from this place and buy me a valise. I send my shawl as it does not answer any better than a blanket and is worth more at home. We dont know where we are to finally stop but I presume we will join one or the other of the Vt Brigades. I hear that some of the Vt Boys have gone west with Burnside but dont believe it. It is now 6 oc A.M. and I must get down my haversack and eat my lunch we are to draw rations here as the men are entirely out of food I will write again in a few days and let you know where and how we are if you write you had better direct to Washington but I am afraid I would not get them there Kiss the children and Hat also

Your Aff Husband V. G. Barney