Valentine G. Barney to Maria Barney

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In Camp Near Suffolk Va April 17th 1863Dear Maria

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You will see by the date of my letter that we have changed position since I last wrote. We started from Camp Hamilton with but one hours notice night before last and was on the way here the greater part of the night and during a very severe rain storm. we arrived here yesterday at abt 10 oc A.M. and have not got the little shelter tents commissioned officers are allowed one ea. I am now sitting in front of mine with my paper on my knee while I write. There are many troops here and they still continue to arrive. There has been signs of a fight here for some days past but I presume it is nothing but a feint to keep the Troops from joining Genl Foster at Newbern. N.C. We have skirmishes out all the while and some Regts I understand have had a little fighting to do out in front. The Gun boats are now shelling the woods where the Enemys skirmishes are. The position here is very strong and all say that in case

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we are attacked we have all the advantage full as much so as they had of us at Fredricksburgh and with the force we have here and the River between us we stand a pretty good chance to [beat] Communication is open between here and Norfolk and I have packed what things I dont want into a box and shall try and get it off today. I could find no valice so am obliged to keep my trunk and run the chances of loosing it, with our litler tents I dont know how I am going to do my writing making out pay rolls but presume I will have to look out for good weather and fix up a table out doors to make them on When we left Camp Hamilton I lost one of my shirts pr drawers and socks which were out to wash but shirts or any thing else I can get when there or in the country and I dont go shirtless very long I have no letter from you yet but hope to get one soon I will write often and keep you posted as to our proceedings and how we get along. Kiss for Bub and Sis and yourself

Truly Your Aff Husband V.G. Barney