Valentine G. Barney to Maria Barney

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Camp Dodge near Suffolk Va May 13th 1863 Dear Wife,

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Nothing new has transpired. of interest since I last wrote but I presume you will be interested to know that I am still well and in the land of the living We are still in our old camp and but little excitement prevails. we furnish from our regiment 80 men per day to labor on forts and we intend to fix up things here in a strong condition. The weather is very warm and it is very lucky for us that our duties are not so heavy as they have been for some time past. I now have my coat vest off and am quite uncomfortable in the shade at that. probably you are not troubled in that way in Vt. yet. We were all taken by surprise this morning on hearing of Col. Stowells resignation so we have lost our best officer and the regt will feel it much. I presume the vacancy will not be filled at present nor till the regiment is recruited up and no one knows who will be the lucky man. Yesterday

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I started my box for Vert. and when you open it be careful as there are some plates laid in the folds of my shawl. The Album is not full but I have some pictures I will send you in letters and you can place them as they belong. The Adjs goes just in front of Qtr Ms. Sawyers and you can tell where the rest go. I would like much to be at that wedding which is soon to come off, and take a look and take a kiss from the Bride but if this should not get there till after the 20th you can give my best respects to Mrs S.L.G. Lt. Jewett & Sherman are here in the tent and we have been arguing on many points for an hour or two past, but we dont fight very hard and generally end in good humor. This is the last letter I shall direct to Danby. Let me know as soon as you get the orders I have sent you This will be a short letter as my stock is nearly exhausted. I hope you will end your visit pleasantly and get home safely I have no doubt but that Mary will be a pleasant companion for you and I am glad she thought of accompanying you Give my best respects to all my friends in Danby and write me all the wedding news. Kiss Bub & Sis and always remember me as your devoted & affect Husband

V.G. Barney