Valentine G. Barney to Maria Barney

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Suffolk VaJune 2nd 1863My dear Wife

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I had nothing in the world new to write but you will expect to hear from me so I write. I got a letter from you last eve which is the first from Swanton I am glad you got home safe and all in good health but sorry your Dahlias have failed to sprout. Well the box got through all right you speak of the testament. I sent it because I had another better one and did not need them both but I will acknowledge I dont read it as much as I should and must look to it a little oftener hereafter. The loose photos you speak of I think are some poor ones of the same persons already in the Album The little one of the orderly is nothing of account When I last wrote you we were under marching orders and expected to leave every day, but the order was countermanded yesterday and my mind is not so much in a mooving mode and we are allowed to unpack our haversacks and let our blankets remain unrolled. It now looks as though we would remain here for some time to come but every thing is uncertain

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We expect to exchange our little tents in a few days for the Wall tents. I dont know how I shall feel to again live in a tent when I dont knock my hat off every time I go into it or get well soaked every time it rains but I reckon the change will not be very disagreeable. I see by Martha's going to see her husband it makes you a little lonesome. but I hope you will not get disheartened or discouraged at your lot but keep up good courage and I doubt not but that our time for enjoying each others society will come some time I assure you that time will be a happy one to me and I hope it may last for many years, The happiest days of my life have passed with you and now with the little ones added who would not be happy with such a family and who would not wish to live many years to enjoy their loved society. Every thing goes on here as usual my Co are extremely fortunate as regards sickness every man is able for duty, in all 50 present which is the 3d in size. We are drilling now 4 hours per day and make good progress With love to Mary and a kiss for the babies I will close.

Affly YoursV.G. Barney