Roswell Farnham to Laura

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Camp LincolnBrattleboro Burlington VtBradford VtOct 4th 62Dear Laura:

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I did not hear directly from you last night altho' several people came down from Bradford. Mr. Johnson brought down the horse, but I have not yet seen him. He is said to be a very good one.

We are to be mustered in today. We have a Review and inspection this morning and mustering this afternoon.

When we shall go I do not know. We shall probably be paid Monday and then we shall soon be ready to leave.

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I want to hear from you every day if I can. I feel badly about the way you are left at home, but I hope you are getting better.

The Regt. is in good condition & we feel proud of it. We all like the Col. and other officers.

Mary is well

Yours affectionately
in hasteRoswell Farnham