Roswell Farnham to Mary [Farnham]

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Camp VermontHead Qtrs. 12th. Vt. V. M.Near Hunting Creek Va.Nov. 17th. 1862.Dear Mary:

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Your letter of the 14th came tonight, containing my picture. I also rec'd a paper containing a collar. I have now three & you need not send any more.

There ought to be a dozen of those pictures in all, including those I got at Brattleboro & also one of all the officers. They will probably send them.

Now in regard to your coming down here. I wrote last night to have you come if Mrs. Bunt came. Still if you cannot easily get ready you can wait till Mrs. Vaughan comes. The adj't hardly

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expects his wife now. I have always felt some uncertainty about our staying here & for that reason have not felt so sanguine about your coming as Col. Blunt has. We are at work hard upon our houses. The Col's, Maj's. & Adj't's are nearly finished. I shall have mine done this week I think. I have been waiting till they move their tents so that I can build my house where they are. I can be ready for you if you should start Monday. Col. Blunt says that he wrote his wife to be ready to start on Monday unless she got a dispatch from him.

You can do just as you choose about coming with her, still I think it would be full as well to wait for I do not feel altogether certain of remaining here. Not that I have any particular reason to expect a

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move, but it is not yet winter - I want to see you very much indeed, & when Col. Blunt first spoke of sending for his wife I hastened to write to you to come, but you owuld not want to come out here to be with us only a week before we moved - Still if we should move we could find some place for you until we got settled again.

If we stay here we can be as comfortable as you please. I shall have a nice little house with two rooms - a fire place in one & a stove in the other & we can take a great deal of comfort. I should like to have Laura come out here too if possible. She would enjoy it much.

I think you will have a fine time. Do you suppose you can ride horseback? on a man's saddle?

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If you can & it is not too cold we can have some fine rides.

I want you to bring some books that neither of us have read when you come. Bring an atlas of some kind. Bring also that political text book that I carried down to Brattleboro with me. Bring those two works by Mrs. Radcliffe in the parlor book-case.

Write upon the receipt of this what you conclude to do & be sure to write as soon as you hear from Mrs. Blunt. I shall write you every day now until the matter is decided. Col. Blunt is not yet appointed Brigadier. It is said that Stoughton is to command us. His horses came here today & it would not be strange if he was to be our general. Write often.

Remember me to Mrs. Strickland, Geo. Pritchard & Chas. Harding & all who enquire.

Your affect husbandRoswell Farnham