Roswell Farnham to Mary [Farnham]

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Camp of Vt. 12th -Near Wolf Creek Va.Jan'y 21st 18633 -1/2 o'clk P. M.Dear Mary:

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Stearns has just handed me your letter. It is raining as it has been most of the time since 9 o'clk last night. We have been trying today to get ready to pitch our tents if they ever get here. We expect them every moment but shall not pitch them tonight. We are now in some old stockades left by the Wisconsin 3d. yesterday. In my fireplace the fire was not out. I started a fire from the coals. I & the Maj. are in together. We had his fly overhead - my tent not getting along. Unfortunately there was no gable ends to our house & we could not make it very tight with blankets - still we passed the night comfortably - The horses were out entirely without protection & are still so.

It will not be possible for you to come out here for a day or two. We will

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get our quarters into shape as soon as possible. There are not many houses near here. We are now on the picket line & it will not do to go far to the front for board.

There is a house down by the river - the Occoquan - where they will board for a dollar a day - but I don't like to have you there until I find out how the land lies. Another thing the roads are aweful - fearful, worse today than yesterday. I will have you come out as soon as possible. And I want to pay Mr. Whiley before you leave. Paymaster Holway has $290,000. now in his hands to pay Vt. troops. We shall soon be paid. I will have you out here as soon as anybody comes. Perhaps Capt. Ormsby will be in to see you tomorrow - I am sorry you have got so much baggage. Can't you put all that you need into your trunk, so as not to have to bring but one out here? It wont do to think of bringing but trunk with this going. Put what you absolutely need in one & leave the other. If you come while it is muddy put on your boots for you will probably have to get out two or three times. Every thing gets

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stuck in the mud.

Col. Blunt is better than when at the old camp. Capt. Ormsbee is well. The Chaplain is sick of Kine Pox & has gone to a house.

We shall all get along well I think.

Be patient. Remember me to Mrs. Blunt, Mrs. Ormsbee, Mrs. Stearns, Mr. & Mrs. Whiley & Family.

I dont know how long we shall stay here. Keep up good courage & dont get sick. I dont know when we shall see any mail.

Yours affectionatelyRos.