Roswell Farnham to Laura

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Head Quarters 12th. Vt. Vol. MilitiaWolf Run Shoals Va.March 15th. 1863Dear Laura:

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Your letter containing the sad new of Cyrus' death was duly rec'd, but you know ere this that I had learned of it before receiving that letter. I shall write to Col Webster to learn what further I can in regard to his death.

I have also rec'd your letter containing the note from Mrs. Johnson. Enclosed you will find an order which I wish you would hand to judge Batchelder & tell him to hand you the money & you can give it to Mr. Johnson. Tell him that it is the am't of the dividend upon the Bank Stock.

I wish you would ask Charlie Harding if there is any trouble, or like to be any with the Bank. I have sent $400. there & want to know about it. Ask him if he will not write at once.

I think you had better invite Amelia

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Bailey down to see you for a few days & then go up to visit her. You had better not stay there alone all the time.

I feel terribly that Cyrus should have died without writing to any of us. I have always felt anxious to reach him & have done what I could to reach him. I am sorry that he should have died without thinking of the future. But I can only hope for the best. I can never realize that near & dear friends are to be forever separated. We had considerable excitement last night. Our Regt. was under arms for several hours & we had out double pickets thro' the night. One of our patrol was shot & two taken prisoners across the river about three o'clk. Mary is still here but getting quite anxious to leave.

It is very sickly. Four men have died within the last 24 hours. C. C. Carpenter from Co. H.

My love to all. I will write more when I have more time.

Yours &c.Ros -

L. A. Farnham
P. S. You need not tell Batchelder or any one what you are to do with the money you pay Johnson.