Justus F. Gale to Sister

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Miss Almeda. A. Gale


Bayou Boeuf Co. A8th Regt Vt VolsNov 18th/62Dear Sister

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I take my pen once more to write you a few lines to let you know that I enjoy- ing good health and hope these words will find you enjoying the same blessing – although you have had a hard time being sick and taking care of the others while they were sick and dieing, I have though much about you all since I first heard that M & Chas. were sick. I hope the next letter I get will tel of you all being better.

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The last letter I got was from Lyman dated Oct. 19th he said you had got all tired out and then were having a run of the fever. It seems strange that you must have such a hard time while I am way down here where I cannot take care of you. but let us trust in the Lord and pray that these afflictions which we are called to pass though may work out for our good. our regt is staying at this bayou yet; I dont know as we shal stop at Algiers any more; we have got good quarters here – are quartered in a dwelling house our Co. have the whole house to our selves. I hasent much news to write this time only the men that were taken prison ers have been parolled and sent down to the City all that are alive only 2 or 5 that they kept

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back for some purpose unknown to me; seven of the men that they took which run away from their army an enlisted in our regt. they shot and four died while they were prisoners. I havent seen any of them but they say the rebels used them just as well as they faired them selves & that was not verry well I guess. they said the rebels had nothing to eat but corn meal wet up. with water and baked – and fresh meat without but verry little or no salt generally no salt. I am glad to hear that the army on the Potomac are about to move or are on the move before this time; I hope they will make a success ful march upon the enemy on all points; The Elmore boys are all well as usual and that is we are all tough. I shall send in this

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letter a fifty cent United States bill which you can get some postage stamps or anything else that you need more that that small sum will buy. you need not worry about me for I getting along verry well. I wish I had a picture to send in this letter but I havent had a chan ce to get one taken since we were paid off and now I dont know as I can get a chance to at present give my love to Mother & Samantha and except the same your self. write as soon as you get able. This from your unworthy brother

give my love to L & Almira & tell little Herbert that them little sugar cakes are to sweet to eat

J. F. Gale

(direct to New Orleans ) as before