Justus E. Gale to Sister

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Miss Samantha A. Gale


Head Quarters 8th RegVt. Vols. Co. A.Brashear CityNov. 29th 1862Dear Sister,

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I seat myself this morning to write you a few lines to let you know that I am well and hope these lines will find your health much better than it was the last time I heard from you. Since I wrote to Almeda & Mother I have been down to the City (Orleans City) and Alg iers – was sent down by the Capt. to get some things that bel onged to the Co. - I went down one day and back the next. had a verry good ride and et urned all safe and sound. I dont think of much to write

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about that is worth your attention to read – but to pass away time I will write a little about some of my speculat ion dicker – while I was at the City & to Algiers I bought betw een thirty & forty dollars worth of trash consisting of Apples, Tobacco, postage stamps, paper & envelopes, ink, &c. I bought 4 barrels of Apples, five dollars worth of stamps, $3.50 of tobacco, the rest in other articles & I paid three dollars a bbl. for app les in the City and when I got them up here they cost me $4.75 a bbl. I dont know but you will think I am wicked when I tell you how much I sold them at a piece for - but if you think I am hard I dont know what you will think of them that sell twice as high

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as I do. when I opened the first barrel I could sell them as fast as I could pick them out for a piceune a peice for a dece- nt apple. you would call that pretty dear eating apples in Vt. I wish I could send some to eat - but I cant to that so I will stop and eat one for you. Well I have eat an apple for you and one for Mother & Almeda & one for myself - some good big lunkers and to pay for this you may eat a peice of pumpkin pie or a peice of custard pie.

I suppose you want to know how much a piceune is in our money – they recon money diferent here what they do at the north. five cents is a piceune, 25 cts is two bits, 50 cts. four bits, &c. The weather is pleasant and dry; the leaves on the trees are begining

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to fall some – the grass & weeds are getting dry so the fire begins to run over the pararies some. Wesley & Stephen are having the chills som - but are not near so bad as some are. they are not sick so but they are about camp - are getting better than they was yesterday and day before; Rufus has got to bee 2d Lieut. in Co. A 3d Lous. Colored regt. the rest of the Com officers of that Co. are out of our Co. I will send you a little watch ribon that I got in New Orleans the other day – it cost 25 cts. I must close for this time – give my love to all enquir ing friends and except the same yourself Please write as soon as you get able.

Excuse all faults in writing and except this from your brother, J. F. Gale

S. A. Gale