Benjamin F. Parmenter to Brother

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Union Hospital GeorgetownOct 12th 1861Brother

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It is a long time since I last wrote you but while I was with the Regmt for a long time I felt so unwell that it seemed that all I could do was Regmt and Company duty that was required of me daily This is my only excuse for not writing before How do you get along and how do the boys grow

Well here I am in Hospital I was excused from duty since I enlisted for the first time two weeks last Friday I stayed at the Regmt about one week and then came here I do not sit up much of the time The Doctors do not tell me much what they think ails me they do not any of their patients they said to me the other day theythat I had a fever I enjoy myself here I have a good Bed

Well Fred I sent home some money last week Pollie writes that she sent the checks to Cavendish and rented the money she writes something about going to Dr. Edwards

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I do not want she should I shall send home some fifteen dollars next pay day I want you should see to my things for me I wish you would buy a Barrel of Flour out of the money I last sent home and then when more comes another pay day I want you should buy me a pig not to weigh less than two hundred pound Has Silas Johnson made me that meat Tub yet You enquire of Marshall Tarble about it you had better get for Pollie a Barrel of Apples

How does Pollie get along for clothes she does not write me anything about it I want what money I may spend economiculy but I do want they should have enough How is it about wood with you aint your stock growing short you had better buy me a few cords of four feet wood of someone Well I am pretty well tired out and shall have to stop for this Now write me a good long letter and sooner than I answered and I will try and do better in the future

B. F. Parmenter