Henry A. Smith to Family

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Camp near AlexandriaOct 4th/1862Dear Mother Sisters and Brothers

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I received your letter of the 18th Sept. and answered it a day or two afterwards have recd no letter since When I sent the 12 dollars I wrote another letter and sent it with the one conta ining the money you got the one with the money but the other it seems you did not get. my last letter has been delayed or else yours has if not I should heard from you before now We broke up camp this morning and are now camped nearly oposite Washing ton Lant Blake was taken sick the other day and is very sick now I dont know what is the matter with him Gene has got most well he will start for home in a few days I went down to the City the other day and tried to send the

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Gun but the would not carry it it is against the law for them to carry any kind of fire arms. The new recruits have just come in they act as green as though they never saw any thing before. Some of our boys that were taken at Orange Court House said that the rebels gave their loss in that fight at one hundred and fifty killed wounded and missin g. I should like to have you send me a box big enough to get in a pair of boots and a pair of buckskin gloves the boots to be made of good patand leather long legs and very thick soles with steel or iron on the toes have the legs 20 inches long in the rear and 26 in front have the Shoemaker put in good leather tell him I wont mind the price only make them as I want them made. get the largest gloves you can find and without lining get the boots and box made

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made and send them as soon as you can conveniantly you may send a few Apples and some Butter Write as soon as you get this and let me know when you will send the box I might draw a pair of boots from the Government but they are poor and not worth what they are charged to us We have to pay for all the clothes we have and what we dont draw we dont have to pay for I dont think of much news to write any way I want my boots to be made on No 10 last. If you can find any Sheepskin I wish you would get some and make me some Socks to sleep in the nights are so cold my feet feel very uncom fortable I will send the measure of

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the box marked just as you direct your letters