Henry A. Smith to Family

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Chantilla VaNov 28th 1862Dear Mother Sisters and Brothers.

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I received your letter of the 22nd and the money yesterday the boys pictures silk hankercheif needle cushion and pen. I have also received my box and all the things except my Thanksgiving Chicken and the striped Apples Lieut Cushman did not open my box but that old Jarvas Went worth did and ate up the Chicken and striped apples Ill scrape his old chops I can see Bills and Mikes pictures but cant see Berties I cant see the least feature in his face that looks natural. that is the same Mike and same poor little Bill why dont you fat up and grow little Bill what ails you

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I have got just as good a pair of boots as any in the regt the sheepskin Socks are first rate things they keep my feet real comfortable nights the fur collar to aint a bad thing in a cold night out on picket The eatables were quite a rarity they go a little better than hard crackers The boys butternuts got mouldy though I got some good ones out The Bourbon Whiskey will come in play some these chilly nights We have drawn rations of Whiskey for the last month most eve ry other day The Captain arrived at Camp last night and sent out the pacage by Lieut Grout Comp I. A fellow in our Company named Fenney likes to look at Marys picture he says he is going to be my brother after the war is over

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I think the gold apples as you call them are first rate apples I guess it is all a ru mor about the regiment going to Texas we have heard that Banks has gone if we were going at all I think we should gone with him. My boots could not fited better if Lowe had measured my foot himself I am perfectly satisfied with the box am very thankfull for the things I think Grandfather has gave you a good bargain if you keep a horse this Winter you ought to get a blanket for her and a currycomb and brush blanket her nights and groom her mornings if you want a good looking horse I have learned something about a horse within a year Henry Holt A boy that got wounded in the

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skirmish going to Ashbys gap has lately died in the Hospital at Alexandria he is a native of Hartland If you had been in that skedaddle near Warrenton and heard the bullets rattle in the pines over our heads you would thought they did fire I cant help laughing when I look at Mikes picture killed 20 Squirrels this Fall Ah Cud Frank how does Carters wound get along and what does Ike write Ike will be steping in ahead of Carter if he dont look out I have not heard from Father yet I wrote to him the 15th Sept and I think if he got the letter it is about time for me to hear from him I dont think of any more to write now Write as soon as you get this and write all the news not much moustache yet

Henry A Smith