Edward P. Stone to John F. Stone

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Camp Griffin Va.Dec. 19 ‘61Dear father,

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I sent twenty dollars in a letter to you mailed this morning and as Mr. Parmelee is in no haste for the ballance for his horse I inclose in this ten dollars more. Mr P. has the confidence of all the chaplains here as a christian and as a man possessing all the qualities of a good chaplain, and it is no fault of his if he has not been very successful here.

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John is well. So were the cousins and other friends when last seen

I am fast getting well have attended funeral and prayer meetings visited the sick written their friends distributed papers conversed with inquirers about religion and attended to most of my other daily duties today as usual.

John wants a couple of cheap handkerchiefs when you send and I want two fine white ones in case I sh’d go out into civilization again. Did we tell you that our carpet bag was

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stolen on the way out here, with all its contents? We have mostly replaced them.

Two more of our boys died last night Please write just how you all do.

I hope to write for the ladies and the papers tomorrow.

We have had delightful weather for some weeks - a little frosty nights but summerlike days.

Much love to allEdward