Edward P. Stone to Family

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Tuesday MorningJuly 8, 1862Dear Ones at Home,

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I suppose John has written you at some length about our recent movement and present position. It was very hard to be compelled to leave some our boys dead and un- buried on the field, or sick wounded and prisoners in the hand of the enemy.

Our men are much exhausted by hard ser- vice and warm weather. There is a good deal of

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sickness. One of the boys from Norwich tells me that his folks write that my parents. staid with them dur- ing the convention and his friends enjoyed the visit very much

I sent you a few days since by mail a paymaster’s receipt and order on the Vt. St. Treasurer for $250, payable at any bank in Vermont so the paymaster said. Have you received, it? You have doubt- [less] heard of the death of Hen- ry Mathews, Lauriston’s brotherinlaw, formerly Mr.

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Stimson’s clerk.

I hope to see John again today or tomorrow -have not seen him for two days. I think that we both endure the exposure and hardship better than the average of the officers and soldiers. The chaplains of the 4th & 5th are away sick. The chaplain of the 2d was sick when I last saw him, and expected to leave soon. Chap- lain Mack of the 3d I have not seen for some time. He is away a good deal.

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I hope that I shall be able to remain and accomplish a lit- tle by private intercourse with the men though there is hardly any opportunity for meetings of any kind. If I can be of any service here I shd cer- tainly be very sorry to leave the boys in the midst of such sufferings and dangers. Dr, Chandler is sick of Ty phoid fever and away. So, I am told, is Dr. Henry Janes. These are sad times; but christians at home would pray as much and as earnestly soldiers and officers curse, and swear, there would still be hope.

Love to allEdward
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I am thinking of sending home by express (if it will not cost too much) a box of old clothes blankets, &c that we cannot take along with us. Don’t you sup- pose a linen coat could be sent me by mail? I had an old one but lost it when we were shelled out of camp and lost our tents &c.

I expect every day to receive the coat that Woolson made last

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spring, but wish there would come with it one of strong black lasting or something of the kind that would be light and strong.

The express now comes to the wharf where John is at work but there are piles of stuff waiting at the Fortress.