Edward P. Stone to Family

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In CampDec. 28, ‘62Dear Home,

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I am writing with great anxiety to hear from you all fearing that some of you are sick; for I have written you six or seven letters – one of them inclos ing a $400. check – since hearing from you last.

Things here remain about as when I last wrote. Dr. Tut tle the asst. surgeon has re- signed. One of our best Captains and two of the better class of lieutenants have also gone. We buried a man yesterday, and are to bury another today. I have done nothing yet about resigning. The weather is unusually warm for

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the season. Chaplain Hale of the 5th is quite sick. James is at the Landing with his brother – applied for sick leave, but was refused- I made a draft check on Vermont Bank for $10.50 day before yesterday and sent to Dr. Chandler at Hagerstown. Suppose it will be honored. If convenient please send me a few letter stamps I can’t get them here.

Since I wrote the above I am told that three more captains have sent in their resignations though they may not be accepted: viz. Capt. Hutchins- son of Norwich, a gentleman and a cousin of my old teacher of painting, Capt. Barker of St. Johns bury, brother of T Fairbanks’ wife, a bitter scoffer at religion, but always civil to my face, and Capt. Bird a wild fellow. Another now in Vt is not expected to return.

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Monday morning Dec. 29 ‘62

I am waiting for a pass to go to Washington with the body of a dead soldier. The 2d Regt have just moved down to the Land ing to assist Capt. Pitkin. I got $50. fifty dollars of Lauriston to forward against any contingency at Washing ton, giving him my check on Vermont Bank. Shall probably replace it soon.

I do not now expect to resign for some weeks as I wish to complete some historical records or mem oranda of the regt. Yet I might leave it any time if I shd find a bet- ter place. I have a dir arrehea which drives me out several times every night, but we make

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no account of that in the army. Aside from that I am quite well.

There is some prospect that the brigade will move at least a few miles before long. I think I shall send my large chest home by ex- press if I can get it out of the store house at W. where it has been ever since last Spring.

4 ½ p.m. My pass has not yet arrived and it is quite probable that it may not be approved at Corps or Second Div. Hd. Qrs.

Nothing from home yet through another mail has arrived. Oh, dear!

Love to all. Edward