John M. Stone to Family

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Camp GriffinDec 61Dear Home

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As brother is out this eve attending a prayer meeting & I am alone guarding the tent I know of no better way of spending the time than in writing home. We had a prayer meeting in our tent this fore noon & E attended a funeral at one oclock & services at three, & spent the rest of the time in the hospital untill about six. come in & ate a supper of oysters & commenced the evening meeting at half past six.

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We have a meeting almost every eve, & some times 2 or 3 in an evening, brother spending a few moments in each. There has been 14 deaths in our regt since we encamped here. E’s health is quite good & myne is improveing. Did you receive my last letter. It does not seeme possible that you are haveing sleighing now, as it is quite warm here and our men are out round in their shirt sleevs & one is almost uncomfortable with a coat on, especially in the sun. Have you had any very cold wether yet? Has Charlie returned yet & does he use my sled any? Does Mary slide any? Is her health any better

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Has mother been a visiting any since we left? The scarlet fever is in the regt at least one case of it. Is it generally healthy in Vermont Is father gone much of the time & does he go in the cars or with his team. How are the neighbors. Where is John Phelps this winter? O, Mother, you remember the great hole that I dug in the bank behind the barn, when Margie & I were boys, well we have just such a stove here in our tent as I built then only it is built of stone instead of brick. The boys say that

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[it] draws the best of any in the regiment. I think that my success in building it must be oweing to my having practiced when quite yonger. How does Maria get to school and back, does Charlie carry her. I most wish that I could come home New Years but I am afraid that it would cost too much.

Please write soon.

Yours etc.,J. M. Stone