Joseph Rutherford to [Hannah Rutherford]

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Camp in the field in front of the Enemy.Sunday morning Oct 11th 1863My dear Wife:

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Here we are just at the back of day with the enemy about 3 miles in our front. We laid upon our [    ] last night, and did expect an attack before this time, I never had a better in my life than I did last night, yet we lay here expecting a battle to day when many of us that are in the prime of life and health will never see another [        ]. Yet there is a cheer-fulness in the whole camp that is as-tonishing. It is wonderful how indifferent all become in the field to the dangers attendant there upon. This day may turn out as all others have when I have been where we have expected a battle, pass without once. I hope so, honestly. My ink is so [     ] that I cant write with any patients, and the smoke blow night

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in my eyes cant see a thing. I am very well.

God bless you my dear Wife I will write every chance I get

Yours EverJ.C. Rutherford