Joseph Rutherford to [Hannah Rutherford]

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Brandy StationFeb 19th 1864My dear Wife:-

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I have just red yours of the 15th. I was sorry to learn of Josephs illness and glad to learn that it was nothing serious I guess it would make a big dark spot in our houshold to loose the little fellow, or any of the rest of our dear little ones. You did just right to call in aid to the little fellow. Never hesitate to call the Dr when you think you need him.

I am sorry you feel so much uneasiness about my not being able to endure the fatigue of camp life. My health has im-proved so much that I can

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all the work. I take care of from 50 to 60 patients a day all alone. I get pretty tired to be sure but I am gaining strength all the time. I shall not do this a great while, you may be sure that I shall favor myself more than I have done.

We have had horrid cold weather the whole of this week. It is a little warmer to day.

If I should find that my health is agoing to fail me I shall resign an go home.

I have not written as often to you since I came back as I did before I went home, but shall get in the way of writing often before long. I was very much pleased with that scrap of com-position of Helens although in-complete. I think she possesses

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a briliant mind. You must super intend her studies, see that her mind does not go to seed too soon.

I am collecting materials for a good long letter to you as soon I get sufficient time to write it.

I enclose a rose leaf that I picked last sunday while out on picket, which grew out of doors thinking it might be a curiosity to you. It was to me

I have nothing new to write now. Give my love to the children, & accept a heap for your dearself We have not been paid off yet and probably will not be before the first of march.

Your affectionate
HusbandJ.C. Rutherford