Joseph Spafford to Mary Jane Spafford

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Miss M. J. Spafford
Upper FallsVermont


Camp Griffin Va.Monday Jan 6th/62My Dear Sister,

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I have not recd a letter from you since I last wrote but I do not mind that you know. I often receive two or three letters from you before I answer. The first thing I wish to ask is who is teaching our school this winter. I think I have asked the question before but you have not answered it. You know I am a little interested in it because I have got to board the teacher two weeks. I learn by Dan that [Tevie] Tarbell is teaching in Hagersville.

Two of our Co. started for Vt. day before yesterday. Hen Waker of West Windsor, & Dexter Roberts of

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from Chester. I think it will be rather hard getting recruits in W. Windsor after Hen has been there a few days. He has been sick and homesick almost all the time since he came here. some others will leave in the course of a few days. Where is the Capt now day? We are looking for him every day as the Col. has written him to return. For that reason I think it will be no use for me to hurry about the acct mother spoke of sending as the Capt will in all probability be gone from Vt before this reaches there. We have been mustered for pay, but have not yet been paid off. Dr. Hazeltine is with our Regt as 2d Assistant Surgeon. I think we are very lucky in getting him. Has father given up the idea of coming to Washington this winter? Lieut Franch wrote to his father

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the other day, asking him to come out here. He seemed to think he would come, and said he thought father & Harrison had better come at the same time. I would like to have them come but I do not realy believe they will. – The weather here is getting very cold, and we have a little snow now & then. I think there is an inch or so on the ground now, and tis snowing a little to night. It is awful for those who have to be on Picket Guard. I think I am very fortunate in being in a place which saves me from all such duty. I know if it did not kill me at once it would in a short time. The ground is frozen as hard as a rock, but with fires in the tents we keep very comfortable I stop in the Capts tent but little of the time this weather. I sleep

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there as comfortable as need be as I have plenty of bed clothing, supplied by the kindness of the Weathersfield people. I think if it had not been for them we should have suffered for want of proper covering these cold nights. Weathersfield & Windham are all the towns that have sent us anything, and they have suplied nearly the whole Co. We recd day before yesterday a box from Weathersfield Center, from the ladies containing 8 bed quilts, 8 pillows 15 pairs socks sheets, pillow cases &c. We all feel very grateful to them for their kindness and shall remember it as long as we live. Our Regt is encamped in a nice place as there is about here as the trees break off the wind, which blows quite hard in other places considerable of the time. – Hen S. is not going to try to get a furlough.

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There is nothing new of importance to write. What are you all doing at home this winter? Is there good sleighing there snow? Would’nt I like to be there & take a sleigh ride? The album I put in the mail to day. The boys some of them think they should like to send their hats home so the folks can see what we used to wear here. If they conclude to I shall put mine in the box and send them all to father and he can send them around Weathersfield as they are marked when he has oppotunties. Tis getting late & I must close. Give my love to Grandmother Aunt Betsey mother father and all who inquire after me, and keep a large amount for your own self. Good night. Write me often my dear sister & know you will always be remembered by

Your Aff. BrotherJ.

P.S. Thank Mr. Newhall for those things he sent me God bless you Good night again