Joseph Spafford to Mary Jane Spafford

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Mansion House HospitalAlexandria Va.Apr 9thMy Dear Sister –

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I will write you a line to day as I do not feel like writing a letter & have nothing in particular to write. I recd your paper with letter, of sunday Apr 6th to day. I also recd yesterday from the Regt the letter which mother wrote when I was in the Hos. at Camp G-. It had the addition of Hos. Department Camp Griffin Va. and contained three 3 ct. stamps. –

It has been raining, hailing & snowing all together for 3 or 4 days past & to night has turned cold as the _ Old Harry. I know it is warmer in Vt. at this time. The weather has been such that we could not get out of the Hos. so we have had to busy ourselves

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[as] we could. I killed one day by sewing some chevrons on my coat. I had some on but they were too dark colored and not put on in decent shape. Mrs. Johnson put them on when we were in Camp last winter but she done it mighty poorly. Those that I have put on myself look as much better as can be. I will send you a piece of both. The Drs. who are examining have not got around here yet, they may not for a week. - We have got glorious news for one day. Rebels defeated at Corinth & Surender of Island No. 10.

I am about so so – do you know how that is? Geo. Bates of Windsor got the paper with the account of Geo. Clarkes convention in it (written by Davis?) so I have had a chance to see it. – I will write no more to night. – I see tomorrow is Fast day in Vt. I shall come nearer to keeping it, by fasting than ever I did before, unless I can get a pass to get out of the Hos. awhile. Good night

As Ever Your Aff. BrotherJo. S. –

I have not hear a word from L. except by your letter, I think it very strange.