Joseph Spafford to Mary Jane Spafford

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MondayMansion House Hos.Apr. 14th 1862My Dear Sister –

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If I had time I would write you a letter instead of this line, but tis near bed time and so I will only write this. I am still at Alexandria tho’ they took my name with others (Geo Bates’ among them) three or 4 days ago to go to Washington & I expected we should go before this time, and wrote you as soon as my name was taken, not to write me again here, but we have now stayed so long there is no knowing anything about it. Possibly we may stay a week longer, prehaps go tomorrow, know nothing about it, as soon as we do go you shall be informed I have had no fever & ague since day before yesterday, to day is the day the Dr. thought I would have it again but I have not felt it at all. – Hatch went down the river to day with others who were well enough to join their Regts. – I hope we may go to Washington or somewhere from here soon. I am now ready to try another hospital. – I shall probarbly be here to get the letter you write me sunday, as you say you always write me on that day. You will not probarbly answer this & the last one or two before it, until you hear where to direct as we may leave this place any day now. As long as we stay here you shall hear from me as often as every other day. & when we go to another place I will write you immediately. Walker will start home the last of this or the first of next week. –

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When you do answer this & my other letters I wish you would remember & answer these two questions –

Where to telegraph to George in case I should ever wish to?

What is Homers adress in N.Y.? Mr White folks can tell you this. I had it when in camp but as I burn all my letters his was burnt, but I took a pencil & wrote his address on a box in the Caps tent which we used for a book case. When I came away from there I forgot to to copy it, & have entirely forgot what it was. I will write no more this time Good night.

Your Brother J.

P.S. Prehaps you will call this Harpers Weekly rather old. I have no other paper on my table to day.