Joseph Spafford to Homer White

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Carver Hospital Meridian HillWashington D.C.May 7thMy Dear Homer –

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Your letter was recd yesterday. I cannot tell exactly when I shall be in N.Y. but I think now, possibly saturday (next) or sunday morning. I hardly think tho I can get my papers & get around so as to start before sometime next week. If I am feeling well I shall stop & see you, if not, prehaps I may keep on without stoping I am quite certain I will stop tho’ if only over one train. Sergt Peabody of the 2d Vt. will come at the same time. –

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I want you to make up your mind to go to Vt. with me. You had as good be there as at N.Y. You see I can spend all my time loafing with you as I shall be recruiting my health. Think well of it now & be ready to go. Do not write home that I am coming home as I have not written a word about it yet & wish to take them all by surprise. As I hope to see you soon I will write no more to day

As Ever Your Sincere
Friend.Joseph Spafford