Joseph Spafford to Homer White

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Homer White Esq.
(Care of H. H. Thomas)678 6th AvenueNew York


GreenbushSept 14th 62My Dear Homer –

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Your letter was recd a day or two since and I take my pen this sunday morning before breakfast to answer it.

I am very sorry it has been so you could not come to Vt this summer, for it is doubtful if we get a sight of you as we pass through N.Y. possibly we may, though we shall not know ourselves when we are going long enough before- hand to write you & let you know we are comming. Last year when our Regt went, we only knew it a few hours before it started. In regard to the number of our Regt we do not know

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what it will be & shall not until we get into camp. There are 5 Regts of nine mos. men to be formed in this state & we are to go in one of them. The last 3 years Regt was the 11th, so the first 9 mos. will be the 12th & the last the 16th. I think we shall go in the 13th but cannot tell cer- tain. When we find out you shall be informed. We shall probarbly be encamped at Brattleboro as I understand the whole Brigade (5 Regts) are going to be there together. –

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Az passed all right when we were inspected, so you see we are sure go. Hugh has not enlisted, but feels badly to think your folks will not let him. I would not if I were them. Az is going to be drummer, it is an easy place, & he prefered it to a Sergts place, which he could have had instead. George Clark is going to be Drum Major of the Regt. Charley Brink has enlisted but is not going in our company. Shep & George Dick are going in the Co. with Brink. Brink is in hopes to get a Lieutenancey & I hope he will succeed for he is a mighty good fellow. – Capt. Atherton was at home after he was wounded about 3 mos. and then went back to his Regt but his wound troubled him so that he could not march so he resigned & is now stoping at home, and is still quite lame. –

There will be no use in your writting the story you spoke of as I’m

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convinced you would’nt get it up half right. I might make the sketches for you & I think you then might fill it up in very fine shape

I will write no more to day as Jane is telling me I have got to go to church with her. - !

I shall write you again as soon as we get into camp. Write me soon. Direct as before.

As Ever
Your Sincere Friend J. Spafford

P.S. I forgot to tell you that our Co. is located in Springfield, where we are drilling. I am elected 1st Lieut -

P.S.2d George Kendalls wife died this morning -