Joseph Spafford to Mary Jane Spafford

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Miss M. Jane Spafford
Upper FallsVermont


Brattleboro.Wednesday Oct. 22dDear Sister.

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I will write you a line this morning & send it by some one that is going to G-. Charley Knight is going home this morning and a number more from our place. Alfred stoped with me last night & I guess I shall send this letter & my watch chain by him. Charley Jones is going home to day to try & get that job of shoemaking. –

It will be impossible for me to come home again as they say we shall leave friday sure. The 14th was

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mustered in yesterday, the 15th is to be to day & we to morrow. I am sorry I could not com home again, still it makes no particular difference as I could not be at home but a few hours any way. I see you did not send those gloves, prehaps you had not got them fixed, if you have a chance to send them by any one between now & friday you can do so. -

I got a letter from George last night saying he had recd the appointment of Asst. Surgeon & declined it. – We have none of us recd our commissions yet. Probarbly Downer will come down tomorrow

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to pay off the boys, so if you should want to send any little bundle or a line you could probarbly do so as well as not. I dont know of anything that I am in want of now. I think I shall get me a revolver before I leave but dont know certain. I think before we leave B- (but I think I shall) I will write as soon as we get any where where we are going to stop.

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I will write no more to day write me before we leave B- Abbie was down here yesterday. – Good bye

Your Aff. BrotherJoseph Spafford