Joseph Spafford to Mary Jane Spafford

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12 o’clockBrattleboro VtOct 22d '62Dear Sister-

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The Col. just sent for me to come to his quarters, and on going there I found Dr. Parks there thier business being to get me to go to Windham and see the Dr. & see if I could not get him to go as Asst. Surgn. of this Regt. Col. Veazey told me that he recd a letter from him last night declniing the appt. Dr Parks was very anxious to have him go & the Col. told me I might go up there and see him this afternoon if I wished. Of course I am glad to get a chance to go to Windham and shall tell the Dr. just how it is and he can do as he pleases about

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coming. The Surgn. & Col. both told me that if the notice was short for him to leave on he could have more time given him & come on after the Regt. Realy I dont expect he will change his mind in regard to going but of course I am willing to go and see him. – There is a fellow down here from Windham and tells me I can ride within 2 miles of the Dr’s with him this afternoon so of course I shall go. I shall probarbly come back to B- tomorrow. I think now we shall not leave here before saturday tho possibly we may friday. I suppose I cannot get a furlough to come home again. I could not

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get this one to go to W- if it was not for going to see the Dr. –

Good bye –
In Haste
Your Brother Joseph Spafford

P.S. The 14th is just going down to take the cars. -