Joseph Spafford to Mary Jane Spafford

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Miss M. J. Spafford
Upper FallsVermont.


Camp New Fairfax C.H.Dec 28th 1862My Dear Sister

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I recd your letter of last sunday, as I generally do, wednesday, & will write a line this P.M. in answer. When I last wrote the Capt & Williams were both sick, they have not yet gone on duty but are nearly well again & will return to duty tomorrow, (monday). There is nothing new, nothing interesting to write, but I know you are anxious to hear from us so we write once in about so often. I am glad father has sold the land across the flat, if hethinks best he can sell Jo to Mr. Craigue & if ever I should

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come home again, I could bye him back if I want a horse. I would rather Mr. C- would have him than any one I know.

The weather is, & has been very pleasant, ever since we left Camp Vermont. The 15th are out to Bull Run now; our turn comes again next thursday. There was 7 commissioned officers in our Regt resigned lately, thier resignations are not yet accepted but doubtless will be.

Yesterday we recd orders to be ready to march at a moments notice, after an hour or so the order was countermanded so we are still here. Now a few lines in ans to mothers

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letter. Col. C. Stoughton was at our camp while we were at Camp Vt on his way to his Regt. Gen Stoughton is here with the Brigade. We live better & cheaper than we did at Alexandria, as we have the Com. Sergt in our mess.

I see the Boston Journal quite often as Williams has it sent him.

Fairfax C.H. is about as much of a place as Greenbush, not much more, nor near as much as Perkinsville. I’m sure I dont know how far Culpeper is from here, you can tell by measuring on the map. The Capt of K’s resignation is not yet accepted. I will write no more to night as I am in

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something of a hurry just now. Will write again soon

Love to all.
As Ever Your Aff
son Joseph Spafford