Joseph Spafford to Mary Jane Spafford

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Centerville Va.Jan 4th 1863Dear Sister,

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I always have to write you and mother both if only a few lines each. It is getting late so I shall not write you much to night. I wish you would send me (if they are not destroyed) two or three of the Boston Daily Journals about the time of the last Bull Run, & the Chantilly fight. Geo. the Chaplain, Hos Steward, Lieut. Peabody & myself went from here down to the Chatilly field yesterday. It is about 4 miles from here. Stuarts Cav. stoped there, or near there, Christmas night. Our Cavalry pickets had a little skirmishing with Reb Cavalry yesterday morning.

Do you ever see Capt Athertons paper? He

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sends it to me nearly every week.

This place is a used up old place there are not more than a doz or fifteen houses left standing & they are half empty. There has been quite a number burnt and torn down. I think it must have been a pleasant place some time before the war commenced. My health is excellent never better. I weigh 145 lbs. I am enjoying life well, had rather be here than nearer W- It is so late I shall not write much to night but will write again after I get into camp. Love to all

Your Brother Jo Spafford