Joseph Spafford to Homer White

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Camp Near Fairfax C.H. Va.Sunday Jan 18th 1863My Dear Homer

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When I last saw you as the boat was moving away from N.Y. I did not think it would be so long before I should write to, or hear from you, but on my part you must not think it is forgetfulness for I assure you I have often thought & spoken of writing you & wondered why you did not write me.

Since the time we left you at N.Y. we have had an easy & pleasant time, what we shall have before our 9 months are out the Lord only knows, but we hope for the best & look joyfully forward to the time when we shall be all

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together again in dear old Vt. I have not seen you there for a long time but after I get home if you will come there I will give up my whole time to visiting.

After we left Camp Vt. near Alexandria, we marched to this place (Fairfax C.H.) & the Regts in our Brigade took turns in going down to Bull Run on picket until about two weeks since we were releived by a Regt from Du Tassey’s Command so now we are doing nothing but drilling. This place is pretty well done to as also is Centerville, there are not more than a dozen or fifteen houses standing in either place & what are standing are about

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done up.

Az still sticks to the promise he made of having two good times to one hard one & making the thing pay that way. There is not a man in the Regt enjoys himself better than he does, he is known all over the Brigade from the privates up to the Col’s & even by the Brig. Gen. He has been over & sung to him two or three evenings. Yesterday he broke his bass drum head so now he will have nothing to do until he can get a new one. He lives with the Capt & I. He says tell you he is in wealth & enjoys good health & should be happy to have you respond. Says tell you he lost ten dollars yesterday by breaking

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his drum head & made 25 cents playing Eucher says I need’nt tell you who he made it out of for you dont know our 2d Lieut. Williams. George Clark has been promoted to 2d Lieut in Co. D. & feels his oats. Brink is our color bearer. Geo. (Dr. Geo.) is not very well at present & I am afraid will have to resign but he may not. All the boys you know are well. I see Capt Athertons paper once in a while with your writing in it. In regard to the War I have nothing to say.

Give my love to Ed & Harry’s folks. Write me soon & a good long letter.

As Ever Your Sincere FriendJoseph Spafford