Joseph Spafford to Mary Jane Spafford

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Camp Near Fairfax C.H.Monday Eve Jan. 19th 1863Dear Sister

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I will write you a line to night as I may not have a good chance to do so again for several days. We (the 16th) & I understand the whole Brigade move tomorrow at 7 A.M. We are going out to the Ocoquan & on Wolf Run I have learned. You will see by the map where that is. George went up to the C.H. to the Brigade Hos. this morning & has not come back to the Regt yet so I think likely he will stay there for the present, probarbly the patients who are not able to be taken along will all be sent up to the [Wash] Hos.

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The measles are going the rounds in the Regt at present. I heard Park say to day that there was some 10 cases of it in Co. A.

You can do as you please about sending the box. I presume it would come to me where we are going as well as at this place, but prehaps not. I dont know you know any more about it than you do.

I dont feel sorry at all that we are going to leave this camp for it is a beautiful time for a march. To day has been a splendid day and the promise for tomorrow is good.

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The Gen says the country has gone to h_l, & why should we inferiors dispute his word. It is astonishing how much patriotism there is in this army, fighting for “the Old Flag” which the tell so much about. The Government could commit no greater fault than letting the soldiers go as they do without paying them; thats what spoils them & I dont wonder at it. They say the Gov. dont care for them & they dont care for the Gov. A great many have deserted for this very reason & many more will do so before they are paid. Take this Brigade for a speciment not a man has recd one cent from the Gov. & whats more they are not likely to at present. They hire money

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a great interest when they are paid off; get suttlers checks &c. The Officers are still worse off for they had to furnish thier own outfit.

I will write you again when we get settled so I can. My love to all inquiring friends.

Your Aff BrotherJoseph Spafford

P.S. I have made up my mind I shant get me a coat when we are paid off I dont care if I do look a little rough. Is Lyd at home? I would like a good sleigh ride

P.S. 2d If you think best to send a box it will probarbly come just as well as before as proved.