Joseph Spafford to Mary Jane Spafford

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Camp at Union Mills Va.Apr. 24th 1863Dear Sister,

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I write you to night because I recd a letter from you this P.M. & I intend to answer all your letters, so tho I wrote last night I do the same to night.

Co’s E. & K. went only to Bristol Station with Gen. Stanard to day; we got back to camp about noon. It has rained quite hard for the last two days so it was not so pleasant a time as we had anticipated tho’ we rode in baggage cars out & back.

We are getting the pay rolls signed to night & tomorrow are to receive 4 mos. pay. The paymaster has no checks as he had before so we have got to get our money home the best way we can, it is probarbly the last pay we shall receive before we land in brattleboro.

I think “I’m sitting on the Style Mary” is one of the prettiest things I ever heard. I dont care if it is old.

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Hav’nt you recd “The Vacant Chair”? That is another one of the prettiest pieces I know of too. I sent it before I sent the others you mentioned. I wish you would tell me some that you want & I will get them for you.

This is a pretty short letter but I have been sitting for the last ten minutes with my pen in my hand trying to think what else to write & cant for the life of me think of any thing else I have to say. Good night

As Ever Your Aff Brother Joseph Spafford