Joseph Spafford to Mary Jane Spafford

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Camp at Union Mills Va.May 11th 1863Dear Sister

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I shall not write a long letter to night for it is quite late & I was on picket last night & night before, so a little sleep will come quite acceptable to me about this time. I recd your letter of May 6th day befor yesterday.

Well, Old Hook has got whiped it seems; I’m very sorry it turned out so but it can’t be helped & it will do no good to mourn over it, tho’ we feel like it. All the consolation the Rebs can get out of it is that tho’ we were beat that time we are coming all the stronger One year ago yesterday I left Washington for Vt.

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the next time, & the next & so on until finally they must come under. I noticed that Hentzleman had reinforced Hooker with 30,000 men; he probarbly took them from the vicinity of Washington as it did not hit our case.

The Rebs (Mosby’s) are getting saucy out on the R.R. between here & Rappahannock Station. Co. C. has been out near Bristoe Station guarding the bridge over Kettle Run for the last 7 days. To day what there was of Co. E. in camp went out & releived them. E. is to stay four days. About 20 of the Co. were on picket with me so did not go this morning, but I am going out on the train with them tomorrow to join the Co. There is no force of Rebs in that vacinity, meerly squads deviling about to damage the road all they can. A day or so since they set two bridges on fire between here & Rappahannock but our boys found them time enough to save the bridges. Yesterday two of Co C’s boys strayed of a quarter of a mile or so from the rest of the Co. to see what they could see, & a squad of five Rebs captured & paroled them & they came in with the Co. to day. There is no danger at all if a fellow looks out for such things.

I have not recd the

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album you spoke of yet, so probarbly you did not send it. I would not send Ellen’s & Carrie’s pictures in it if I were you for it might be lost you know & then you would lose them.

I will write no more to night, for, as I said before, a little sleep will come handy soon. Love to all. As Ever

Your Aff. Brother Joseph Spafford

P.S. I send you a picture which I had taken this P.M. It’s not a good one, I dont think.

I sent you some wild flowers which I gathered while on picket yesterday.