Joseph Spafford to Mary Jane Spafford

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Camp at Union Mills Va. June 19th 1863Dear Sister,

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I have written you nearly every day for the last week for the reason, I had nothing else to do, so if the letters dont amount to much you must consider that I wrote them not because I had any thing to write, but because I had nothing to do, but to write.

We got a nice shower last night so to day it is quite cool & comfortable, & not at all dusty. The 1st Brigade encamped last night at the Court House; whether they are going to stay there any length of time or not, I do not know.

Dont know what has become I dont see the use in worring about Vicksburg, or any thing else it dont do any good to worry, & it will come out some way & right at last if not for 20 years.

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of Hookers Army, they have left our vacinity. I beleive the next thing we shall hear of Lee’s Army will be at Vicksburg. I think it is probarble we shall remain in this vicinity until our time is out. I do not think there is the least probarbility of an attact on the defences of Washington. They know better than to do it. They would stand a pretty slim chance if they should undertake it. When I was down to the Old Brigade, I saw a N.Y. Regt. under guard; asked a Sergt. who stood near wat the difficulty was, & he told me they thought their time was out. We shall know when ours is next time. Five weeks from yesterday, probarbley four weeks will see us on the road. The boys do not have a I sent W’s picture home because I can see himself at any time & that answers all pourpous you know.

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word to say about thier time now days, all quiet as can be. I sent a check yesterday for $150.00.

What can I bring Abbie for a present? I would like to make her a present worth $10. or so, as they would’nt take anything for my board & I wish to make it right in some way.

Probarbly when we come home we shall come by water by the way of Fortress Monroe. Dont expect I can go to Washington again & dont know as I care to.

I wish you would say to mother that my pants will hardly look respectable when we come to Brattleboro, and I dont wish to have any more Who is it that wants to buy the grey colt?

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of this light blue clothing on hand, so I wish she would have some tailor make me a pair of dark blue ones from a nice piece of broadcloth, put no welt in them but sew a light blue cord on the outside Then after I get through the millitary buisness I’ll just rip the cord off and they will answer all the purposes of a pair of black pants, in fact I would rather have them. They can be cut by a pattern she has at home, and they can be sent me by some one who will be coming to B. You can get it done sometime within a month. I cannot get it done here, for I cannot get to town, & if I could they would not be good for any thing. Recd your letter of June 14th yesterday. Enclosed I send you a piece of the old 4th Regt. flag which has been through all the hard battles in Va. Do you expect “Our mess” will be entirely broken up when we get through here, or will it be kept up in a measure?

Your Brother Joseph Spafford