Joseph Spafford to Homer White

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Camp Near Berlin Md. July 17th 1863My Dear Homer,

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Aint you astonished to receive a letter from me? I dont propose to write a long one this time but meerly write to tell you that our time will be out the 23d of this month & that we expect to remain where we are now until that time. I want you should watch the papers close & know when we are coming & have your things all packed & be ready to go to Vermont with us. Probarbly we shall be in N.Y. about the 25th.

We had quite a rough time at Gettysburg (or Gutsburg, as Az calls it) but what there is

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are all right. Our Regt lost 16 killed & about 100 wounded. Our Co. (E) lost 2 killed & 11 wounded. Wesley Walker was wounded in the head with a piece of shell but not dangerously. Ed Davis of Felchville (Co. H) was shot through the head, dead. Our Regt. captured two stand of colors, 8th Va. & 2d Florida.

Az sends respects.
Remember what
I have written & be ready.

Your Sincer Friend Joseph Spafford

P.S. If necessary our Brigade will stay nine months longer in N.Y. City. Why dont they put the grape shot to the devils? Take the Editors of the World & Herald first.

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P.S. July 18th We are relieved from the Army of the Potomac & shall be in N.Y. sooner than I expected probarbly sometime between the 20th & 23d. In Haste