Wheelock G. Veazey to Julia A. Veazey

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Camp BaxterJune 27. /61My own darling wife

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I cant get over a day without writing a word to my blessed wife. God bless you my angel love. How could you write such a good letter. I got the little one to-day & yr Father’s. Am sorry Capt B. will not come. I called on the Gov. again to-day & he seemed anxious to hear from him. He wants to get a good man from some source. Next Monday night

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I shall see the best wife on earth. Wont we be splendid. Adjutant Blunt says he knows Father or used to. He is a fine man & has a splendid residence, has invited us to call. I forgot to send some money yesterday. Don’t remember I am a husband - except on occasions. I cant do much but read that first letter. Please write some more such. How happy I am to have your whole love. Its the greatest boon I could have on earth. God bless

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our union & keep you safe & well & happy. I wish we could always be together. How much more I love you now we are married. I didn’t think I could love you more.

Good night darling.

Yr own fond HusbandWheelock

Enclosed please find $5. I don’t know as its quite enough to get here with but I have no other small bills & I am told its risky sending money fr here. It’s a fine [move] I had to [        ] before 5 to go to [        ] love you my

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angel wife. Shall have you with me next week. Guess you will have to behave dreadful well so as not to make me jealous.

Yr husband