Wheelock G. Veazey to Julia A. Veazey

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Camp LyonsGeorgetown D.C.July 28My own darling wife

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My tent is pitched at last in the vicinity of the enemy. We came directly to Washington, arrived Sat. morn, about 3 o’clock. Left for Georgetown Heights the same day - 7 miles about. tired enough - pitched our tents after dark I was officer of the Day & had to work till 2 o’clock at night. We rode night & day fr Wednesday morn 5 o’clock & I did not take of my clothes till today at 11 A.M. to take a bath. Soldiering is no fooling when in

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the midst of enemies. We occupy the most advanced fort in the the district for W. The 6th of Me. next to us. A good Reg. too, well fortified with a heavy battery U. S. Co. artillery. The enemy are on the other bank of the Potomac Our pickets are over there, snapping at their pickets & scouts every hour. They had smart firing last night. Some of the balls whistled over our heads. It was about midnight & I was out putting on extra guard. It was our first night here & the

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boys were a good deal excited. The Me. Reg. all turned out under arms, as the firing was so brisk. Our scouts report the enemy in large numbers, probaby 8 or 9000 about 6 miles fr here. Our Reg sent out a scouting party of 50 to day. I detailed 18 men. They drove in the emenys pickets & a co. of 100 but did not take any The cavalry of the Me. Reg. brought in two of the enemy’s cavalry horses & equipments. This seems to me to be the place of attack on Washington & I don’t

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see how we could resist them, as we have but 1800 men – & we are fresh in the service, but the Me. boys feel confident as their batteries cover the bridge between us. We could certainly stop them their but the river is fordable 3 miles above us & also below us. If they come before we are reinforced, we shall do our best, as we are the only protection to the Capital fr this point. If they carry us they will outflank our whole army here. We expect more Regts soon & they should be sent, I think, but