Wheelock G. Veazey to Albin Beard, Albin Beard to Wheelock G. Veazey

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Camp Advance Va. near ch. BridgeSept. 5.My dear Sir-

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I meant to have answered yr first letter but have devoted what little time I could to spare to Julia. I wrote Julia a short letter Friday, telling her of our move over this side. The papers are not allowed to give any account of the movement that am'ts to much. We do not have over 30 minutes notice of any expedition. Everything is strictly military now. No tents are allowed, but all things are kept in moving & fighting order. We occupy a very strong position. You would be surprised to see our works. We have cleared enough for one N. Eng farm & built fortifications large enough for an army of thousands. Washington will not be left again to the uncertain issue of a battle The Rebels evidently made a blunder first in not occupying these heights, & second in not attempting to dislodge us ere this. This place was protected fr our view by a heavy growth & they could have planted a battery that would inevitably have driven us fr Ch. bridge & all we could have done would have been to destroy the bridge & retreated, then the great battle would have been in the very subburbs of Washington & perhaps in its streets. what the result of that battle would have been no one can tell, for victory is never sure to any army. All would have been at stake on both sides. Our reg’t has been assigned the post of honor in our division of the army therefore we shall be the reserve until Smith is superseded by a ranking Genl. Genl Smith is a “hard case” to be under yet he treats me so well, I cant but like him, altho I cant tell when my head will come off, for he imposes rather important duties on me some times, & if an officer fails even through ignorance, down he comes. Ignorance is no excuse with him. An officer that violates a command even doing well he will punish. I have already committed, what he would call offences, enough to hang a whole reg’t had he known them. I suspect he will advance on to Lewinsville to night. Yet its but a surmise. I think the 3rd will

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remain behind while they are fortifying there. I hope so, for I have no horse, or servant & am in no condition to move. I have sent to Vt for a horse. My duties are much lighter now. I.E. my regular duties. I got about enough of being Capt. It’s a tedious place if a man does all he ought to. The Genl’s Aid-de-Camp told me to day that my Co was the best drilled Co. in the brigade when I left it, but they are fast losing ground now. It seemed to discourage them when I left. I think there were better Cos in the reg’t in many respects at least. Crain is the man for Q. M. yet he is dissatisfied be cause he was not made Capt I wish he had been, & I recommended it strongly. Wish you could see our works here, they have risen like magic. We like this side much better than the other. Hope you wont get excited and start off without full consideration. Am glad to see Old N. Hamp showing up a little, for I never felt so much state pride as now, yet I doubt if it would be yr duty to leave so much public business to run so great a risk. An honest man, working for the public at home is doing no less duty than he would here. We need some of the right sort of men at home. There are plenty situated similarly to myself to do up this business. I heard fr Foster yesterday, he wants a situation where he can earn a living as he cant stay at Spring Hill much longer. he seemed a good deal discouraged , wish I could do something for him. Had a letter fr Julia to day, said she was in Lowell but should leave for Newton I think soon. please tell I am well &c. when you get track of her. Excuse this kind of letter for its the best I can do

[         ] and these regiments will be likely enough to go off down the coast, or off West. I have never felt any apprehension of the Capital myself, as I think [      ] men have felt very little. At any rate, I suppose it is perfectly safe now. I am afraid [Capt] Weston of the 2d will have to come home. I hear indirectly that he is sick. Maj Wright – Levi – is in Command of Fort Albany, with a portion of the Mass 14th. Call and see him sometime if you can.

I have been interrupted, and now I am just time to close the mail, and so I cut short.

God bless you
Faithfully YrsAlbin Beard