Wheelock G. Veazey to Julia A. Veazey

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Camp Near FairfaxCourt House Janry 19th 1862My Darling Wife

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I cant stop to write you a very long letter as I have been hard at work all day and it is late & we move at 7 o clock to-morrow morn- not far down at the Rail Road Station. I have my camp in splendid condition. The winter is very different from last winter. No rain scarcely and most of the time quite clear & cold. My Regt have been healthy I think generally but are badly off now with measles My health is excellent. I need a wife. I was delighted to get your long letter Saturday

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It was a splendid letter I reckon I love you very much indeed my own sweet Angel. Am so glad you are better. Do be careful. I hope darling there will be no further need of my going again. I want a home enough. I think you are & will be a good wife. I have been so happy with you. What a courtship we had, so wild with love & so full of jealousy. But I did love you so much My darling, & those splendid times, who ever had the like. My wife I love you & will try to make you happy. Continue to write me good letters, what do people because Chester came home?

Yr fond husbandWheelock.