Wheelock G. Veazey to Julia A. Veazey

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Head Quarters, 16th Vt Camp at Fairfax Station February 11th 1863My Darling Wife-

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This letter does beat all the scoldings I ever had. Aint you sorry. You are going to pay me off nicely by dying & giving away the baby. What a fine programme. Wonder if all women have such tantrums when they have babies. What a heap of suppositions. If one of us had never been born, or died young, or got married before we saw each other, or had never seen each other &c &c why then we never Regards to yr Friends

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should, or else we should, I dont know which. And then to die and give away my baby, I tell you old beauty if I had you here you would be sorry. In going away from home you did just as I wanted you to, i.e. if you wanted to go. Of course I did not want you to worry your life away about me, but to make yourself as happy as you could. And I don’t know as I said any- thing ag’st it, & I want you to stay in Lawrence just as long as you are contented & happy there, then go next whereever you want to, but I have wanted & still want you to take good care of

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yourself & be very careful. It struck me that it was rather careless for you to go to Brentwood at this cold season, under the cir- cumstances. And as your health is generally so delicate & I have said so much about your being careful, I get almost out of patience when you are not careful. It almost looks as tho- you did not regard me or my advice & desires very much. It seems to me that by this time you ought to know that aside from duty & honor, you have all my thoughts. But if I dont satisfy you, I am willing to be forgiven. If you

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do not get that money from Mr. Emerson & are in want of some, you can send to Mr Page, State Treasurer of Vermont for any amount and he will send it. Tell him to send a draft on Boston. Now you know my own wife, that in all I say I mean but 3 things- viz. love me faithfully. Take good care of your health, & do as you are of a mind to. Now write me a good letter & be a better girl. I wrote to you at Lawrence last Sunday, & I cited in care of Henry Whitney Esq, did you get it? Good night my Angel.

Yr Fond Husband. W.