Wheelock G. Veazey to Julia A. Veazey

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Head Quarters 16th Vt. Vol. Camp at Fairfax Sta. Va March 22nd 1863 My Darling Wife’

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We have had one pleasant day at last, but the mud is bad I have been riding about looking up the road & country about here with Col. Proctor. Heard his Chaplain, Mr Cummings of St. Johnsbury preach, & he did finely. Think he is one of the best Chaplains I have ever seen. I had a puppy given me yesterday, a little black rebel, named Jeff. He will make a bid dog if he lives. I should like to keep him & take him home with me. Do you like dogs? I do, & shall have one I think. Are those standing photographs

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of me the best ones. I thought there was a better one sitting. I dont think these are good I look so thin. dont buy any more of them, but if you have the other kind please send me one, & havent you got yours yet. I want to see you in your new cloak. Does it reach around you? if so, I dont wonder it cost a hundred dollars. I found $20 in my vest that I did not know I had. Mr. Whitmore of Springfield is here, said his wife went to Brattleboro this winter ex- pecting to find you there, & to invite you to go home with her. He wanted to know what we had done for posterity. Said the women folks kept the run of all those

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things. So you see every one knows what is going on. One of my men has got back that was taken with General Stoughton. He gives a dismal account of things in Richmond. Says they came into the prison & gave 5 dollars of Confed. money for one of ours. They take prisoners money away, all above $8. Wonder what you are dong this eve. Wish I could see. Suppose you are thinking about me, & the baby. Will June be the month? Hope so, it is so pleasant. Hope you wont be very sick or have anything bad happen. I should frighten-

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ed to death if I were there. T’would be worse than rebels. What a nice time we will have this Summer after I get home. How how long before you will be up? Shall we three be one, same as you & I were? Had’nt you rather have a girl than a boy. I some- times think I had. But it wont make much difference which we want we shall have to take it as it comes. But darling I love you so much. I would like to hold you a little while. Good night my angel.

Kiss your fond & devoted husband. Wheelock