Henry Harrison Wilder to Mother

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April 9th /62Camp near Lees MillsVirginiaMother

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In other of your welcom leters com to hand last night it found me as usual you say you have not hurd from me in the weeks it is rather hard but I think I am not to blame for I mailed a letter to you the first I was at Newport then we are 15 miles up the James river two miles from the Rebels Forts at Lees Mills I was within half a mile of ther Forts yesterday on picket. there is a larg body of them & they are strongley fortified for seven miles in extent from

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this plase to York town we have a large forse haer to and are making evry preparation for a hard battle making bust works intrenchments roads rifle pits and in fact evry thing to give us us the advantage working day & night & than has ben thurty of our men shot with in 4 days only one man from this Reg he was shot in the shoulder the ball went through and lodged in his napsack five from the 4th 1 or 2 from the 6th 7 from the 49th NY some from the Batries I have seen some that was hit with shell it was a hard sight some cut all most in two one had one eye & the side

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of his fase blowed off he was alive when I see him Merrill is not with the Regt he was taken sick and left behind & I cannot till how he is he was quit sick the last I knew Mother probbaly within one week from this time thar will have ben a battle at this plase and perhpas this will be the last time that I may be permited to write to you but I hope not & this is all that I can do we must hope for the best & look for the worst give my best respects to all and mutch love to your self

from your ever afectionate sonH H Wilder