Lyman S. Williams to Lois L. Williams

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Camp Griffin. Va.Feb. 18th 1862Dear Sister

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I received your kind letter about one week ago, and I was glad to hear from home again and to know that you were all well and I [hope] you will continue to be so. you must be carfull of your-self and not get sick again. I am well as usual and still enjoying camp and it seems of excitments as well as ever The boys are all well as

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usual at present. To day it is raining and we shall soon be in the mud again up to our knees otherways it is warm and pleasant You have probably heard of the success of Burnsides Expidition and the capture of Forts Henry and Donelson but you ought to have heard the cheer upon cheer which we gave when we heard the news and they were good honest green mountain cheers too, such as only Vermonters can give. The prospects are now that this war will soon be brought to a close Such at least are my hopes Every day we hear of some battle or scurmish

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in which our troops are victorious and some think that the day is not far distant when we shall receive the welcome order to sholder our knapsacks and guns and march in the direction of the rebel strong hold at Manassas and from thence to Richmond while others think that when we move it will be to old Vermont. which are correct I am not able to tell still I would like to visit Richmond and Manassas and see how those places look before coming home Give my love to Carrie also a kiss. I have no news to write now

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but expect to hear some now in a few days from the west

Two of the boys in this Company started for the west this morning to joyn the Mississippi gun boat expidition and I wanted to go too but they would take none but sailors or I should have gone. I have not any thing more to write at present so I will not write any more Please write soon and tell me all the news

From your BrotherLyman S. Williams