Lyman S. Williams to Lois L. Williams

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Camp 6th Regt Vt. Vols.Kingston, Ulster Co.N.Y. Sept 7th 1863 Dear Sister,

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I take this opportunity to write you a few lines this morning to let you know how I am and where I am. Well I am well and enjoy myself well as usual. We left New York City last Saturday night at dusk on board the steamer Rip Van Winkle and arrived at Rondout Sunday morning and marched from there here and camped. I was very sorry that we could not have come up the river in the day time so that we could have enjoyed the sight of the beautifull

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scenery but we could not I saw Mary Ray Saturday just before we started. She was well and so was Orman. I called on her Thursday and Friday evenings and had a good visit with them. I also saw Mrs. Brush when she was in the city. I did not have much of a chance to see the city while we were there but we expect to go back there by and by. The inhabitants here threatened to burn the City here if they attempted to draft but they have been drafting here all day and we have had no trouble as yet and do not think there will be any trouble. The 5th Regt is here with us and the 2nd is on the other side of the river

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at Poughkeepsie and the 3rd have gone to Newark N.J. so you see we are scattered some. I hear to night that we are going to Albany in about ten days but are not certain It does me lots of good to see Mary and I am glad she came to see Orman give my love to all enquiring friends and a kiss to Carrie as soon as I get a chance I will send you something or other. I saw Mr Rodgers to night. he is with his regiment and well. Give my respect to Mrs.Hard & Rodgers etc. If you write as soon as you get this Direct to Sergt Lyman S. Williams Co. I. 6th Regt Vt. Vols. Kingston, N.Y. if not direct as usual. With much love to you

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I will close

This from your Brother Lyman