Lyman S. Williams to Lois L. Williams

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Camp of the 6th Regt Vt. Vols Alexandria Va. Sept 16th 1863Dear Sister

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I embrace this the first opportunity of writing to you that I have had for a No of days as we have been on the move for the last four days. I received a letter from Mother last Saturday night at Kingston and should have answered it at that time but I supposed that I should have a Chance of doing so the next day but did not I supposed that I had acknowledged the receipt of the ten dollars which father sent me in your last to New York City. It came all safe and Sound for which I am thankful. We left Kingston Last Sunday morning and went to New York City and stayed

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there untill Monday about noon when we started for Washington via boat to South Amboy from there by Cars to Camden then by boat to Philadelphia where we arrived about 10 P.M. and there we got our supper and it was a good one to furnished by the people of that City from there we went by Cars to Washington where we arrived at about 10 P.M. last night and to day we came here and landed once more on the bloody soil of old Va.

Our visit to New York was a very pleasant one and we enjoyed it much although it was an expensive trip to nearly all of us. I have not time to write much at this time so I shall write a short Letter. I Saw Ray yesterday. he is well as usual. I enjoyed what little time I saw Mary in New York very much indeed and would not

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have missed seeing her for the wourld. I was glad to I that mother wrote to me and let me know that I had not written about the money etc. I intended to have got you some things while I was in New York but we left so unexpectedly that I did not get an opportunity but I may get a chance to go to Washington in a few days and then I will get them for you Give Carrie a kiss for me and write soon. Direct to Washington D.C

This in haste from your Aff. Brother Lyman S. Williams