Lyman S. Williams to Lois L. Williams

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Letter No 19th Camp of the 6th Regt. Vt. Vols. Near Culpeper C.H. Va.Oct 4th 1863. Dear Sister

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Your favor of the 23rd of Sept came to hand in good time and was as gladly received by me as your letters always are It found me well and enjoying life as well as usual and I I hope that this will find you all well at home I should have enjoyed being at home much on your birthday and if I had been you should have had a present but I am in hopes to be at home by your next birth day and then you may

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expect to get some sort of a present if I can get one I can hardly beleive that you are 14 and that I am nearly 24 Well I suppose it is so and in a few years more I shall be an old Bach if I am not careful what think you of that. Well I do not feel very old yet but am as much of a boy as when I was 18 in feelings at least. Nathan wrote me that Lib Morey was married but did not tell me who she had married but the next time I hear from Canada I shall find out. I should have liked to have been there at the wedding first-rate I have no news to write for we have no news here except the old story of All quiet along the Potomac or

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Rapidan either is equaly true for it is very quiet in this vacinity at present and worse than that for we cannot even guess what the next move will be so we have nothing to talk about and the only time when it seems lively here is when the mail comes or the news boy makes his appearance then we seize the papers and search them to get something new. To day there has been a paper in circulation in this Co. and it has been signed by nearly every one in the Co. requesting Lt Holton of this Co. to resign and go home. what affect it will have I do not know but if I were in his place I would not stay here a day if I had to run away.

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You wanted to know in your letter if I would not like to see Miss M. M. G. Certainly I would like to see her and have a good long visit with her if I could and it does not make me blush to say so either for I think she is a fine young lady do’nt you Who is Gusta that you spoke of in your Letter. I guess I do not know her.

By the way Orman tells me that he has sent home for some things and I wish you to send my my boots and shirts &c. when Uncle sends Ormans to him if you can also send me some postage stamps as soon as you get this if you have not before for I have to borrow now. Write soon and often

A kiss for Carrie. from Lyman