Lyman S. Williams to Lois L. Williams

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On Picket Sunday March 20th 1864My dear Sister

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Again I take my pen in hand to write you a few lines for it is a pleasure to write to you and I love to get a letter from you the best of any of my corispondents except one and you may guess who that is. I received a Letter from you yesterday and was glad to hear that you were all well at home and in return I will say that I am well as usual and am enjoying life well. I had a letter from Nathan to day and he is well as usual. As you see by the date of my letter I am on picket and have been since last Friday morning and shall not get back to camp

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untill to-morrow afternoon The weather since we have been out here has been very pleasant and comfortable and we are having a very good time. We are about four miles from camp and the way I happened to get your letter yesterday was this. Frank Phillips came out on purpose to bring me your letter and also one from Mary. Was not that kind in him to walk seven or eight miles to bring my letters to me. I think it was dont you. I suppose that you have a plenty of new maple sugar to eat by this time well I wish I was at home to eat some with you. Mary wrote me that she was sick for which

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I was sorry and I hope that she is well again now. We have a Debating society in our Regt. every Wednesday night and I am unfortunate enough to be appointed Editor of of the paper for next Wednesday night and as I have had not time to devote to it as yet and shall not have untill Tuesday I fear it will not be very interesting.

I am going to send you Marys and my photographs if you have not one also one for Rev Lewis and one for Carrie Barnum in a letter to you any you may give them to them. I am perfectly satisfied with the stamps which you sent me and they came all right. I have no news to

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write at present so I will close hoping to hear from you every week I remain as ever your loving

Brother Lyman