Lyman S. Williams to Lois L. Williams

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Camp Battalion 6th Vermont Vols. Near Washington D.C. June 3rd 1865 Dear Sister

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I will try and write you a few lines this evening to let you know that I am well as usual and I was very glad to learn that the folks were all well at home. I received your letter last night and was very glad to get and to hear from home again after our long and tedious march from Richmond here. We arrived here yesterday and I was very glad to get here as I have not been very tough this spring but after resting and reading your long letter I must say that I am feeling much better than I did when I got here. I am sorry that I spoiled the envelop and stamp in opening the letter but the sheet of paper is safe and I will keep it untill I get short of paper and then I may use it but I am not in the habit of using so small

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sheets so when you send me any more stationary please send letter paper or foolscap as I use no other What is there to a soldier that seems better than a letter from home but enough of this for the time. We are camped about four or five miles from Alexandria and the same from Washington and we have a very pleasant camp ground but I fear we will have to move somewhere else before many days. I hear that we are to have a Review this next week and that the men whose time is out before the 1st of October are to be mustered out soon but I do not expect to get home before August at least. The Governor and Gen L. A. Grant have been trying to get the old Brigade all home at once but I hear that they have not succeeded but I think we will all get home this summer. I had a very pleasant time at Richmond Va I must say that it is a very pleasant city much more so than I expected I visited Castle Thunder and Libby prison the Capital. Gen. R. E. Lee’s residence and Jeffs mansion and a number of other noted places. While there we were encamped outside

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of Manchester three miles from the City of Richmond and when we left there for Washington we marched in review through the City. I saw Frank Austin a day or two since and he is well and so is O. P. Ray and so are all of the Essex boys myself included. I will not write more at this time but when I get more time I will try and answer your last very interesting letter.

I remain as ever your Aff. Brother L. S. Williams
Capt. Co I. 6th Vt. Vols.
Washington D.C.